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Greetings and thanks for visiting my page. I hope you found something you like. I'm a photo enthusiast and not a professional, a fact that is probably obvious to you if you are. My interest is long running and I enjoy sharing my efforts. I started taking astrophotos over 20 years ago and got serious for a while. I have been fortunate enough to own the proper equipment for exploring and sharpening my skills but never went "all in". It can be an expensive hobby if perfection is what you seek. My experiences from that highly technical form of image creation helped me to learn the real nuts and bolts of how to process digital photos.

Recently I turned my attention to normal photography. I enjoy taking snapshots when I travel and always try to capture the sense of what I'm seeing in the moment. There are scenes that I've photographed over and over without ever being able recreate what my eyes were doing for my sprit at that moment. Its that quest is what keeps me coming back.  In the process I like to think I have created some images that are enjoyable for friends and family, I hope you agree.

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